Don’t change for the sake of change

All / 02.11.2017

Don’t change for the sake of change

I can almost guarantee that I’ll get asked more often during summer if it’s a good idea to switch super funds.

The source of this unique research? Barbecues! It appears that one of the most popular topics during these summer social events is superannuation. Friends sharing their good or bad tales about the balances of their retirement funds seem to trump sports talk at the great Aussie outing these days.

So what do I say when a client asks me if they should change their super fund because their friend’s fund seems to be “doing much better” than theirs? It’s the same response I give when a client tells me their mate has “made a killing” out of investing in one asset, such as property, and they want to get in on the act. I ask them questions…

Switching super funds can be quite costly and as no two clients’ needs are exactly the same, there is no guarantee that a different fund would perform any better.

Let’s look at a few of the key questions to be answered before a switch should be considered:

  • Does the new fund provide investment options suitable to your circumstances?
  • What is the cost of transferring?
    • Are there exit fees from the current fund?
    • What are the entry fees into the new fund?
    • What are the ongoing fees of the new fund?
  • What has been the long-term performance compared to your current fund?
  • What retirement income options does the new fund provide?
  • Will it provide appropriate insurance cover at the right cost?
  • And after all is said and done, what benefits will you achieve from a change?

Once we’ve worked through these initial questions, we go more deeply and sometimes a change might be appropriate.

So the next time you’re at a barbie and the talk swings around to super, listen carefully to others’ experiences by all means, but it’s important to remember that your choice of super fund needs to be driven by what’s best for you.

Superannuation mirrors life, it’s constantly changing, so if it’s time for a review, give us a call.

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