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Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start your retirement plan! Our retirement planning experts can provide you with tailored financial strategies that will get you on the right path to securing your dream retirement lifestyle, whether that’s now or in 10 years’ time.


Our financial advisors will provide you with personalised life insurance solutions to protect what matters most to you from the unexpected. The right insurance cover can protect you, your wealth and your family when the unexpected occurs.


Superannuation advice from our financial planning team can provide you with the right strategies to maximise your super savings and get you on track to securing your ideal retirement.

Ethical Investment

Looking to grow your wealth and maximise the opportunities in your investment portfolio? We can provide you with socially responsible investment strategies that align with your values. 

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Our experienced wealth creation advisors will provide you with the right wealth creation strategies and investment advice tailored to your personal circumstances and financial goals.

The TNR Wealth Management team is an experienced team offering financial planning services that is passionate about supporting our clients through every stage of their life.

Regardless of if it’s managing your, Self-Managed Super Fund, investment portfolio, transitioning to retirement, reviewing your insurance and or superannuation or helping you manage your affairs after retirement, TNR Wealth Management will support you through every step of the way.

TNR Wealth Management provides a comprehensive and well-rounded financial planning service to all our clients based on the individual needs of each and every client.

Meeting Our Financial Adviser for the First Time

At TNR Wealth Management we know that no two people are the same, no goals are the same and no financial advice can be the same. It is important that we understand your goals, objectives, and lifestyle visions as this forms the foundation of the plans we create to help you live the life that you want.

For this reason we are committed to getting to know you, our client. This is an important step in building the foundation for your future and as such, the first meeting is at no cost to you and there will be no expectations placed on you.

We try to simplify things and keep the process simple.   We have broken it down into 5 steps.

Time = approximately 1 hour

Your financial adviser will sit down with you, taking time to get to know you, afterall this meeting is all about listening to you. It’s about helping you and your financial adviser understand your current situation and where you want to be in years to come. We will talk about things such as:

  • What is your current financial situation?
  • What are your short, medium and long term goals? (lifestyle and financial)
  • What and who is important to you and should they be considered when creating your plan? (husband/wife, children, business partners)
  • What is your need from your money/what return do you need?
  • What is your investment experience and attitude toward risk?

Do you need to bring anything to this appointment?

It will be helpful to us if you could bring copies of any current Investment Statements, Superannuation Statements and Insurance Policies, etc that you may have.

We may also ask that you fill out an Information sheet prior to your first appointment that may require specific or further documentation be brought to the meeting.

Time = approximately 2 hours

With the information gathered at the first meeting and the research that our team carry out,

your adviser will create a set of strategies to help you to meet your goals and objectives. The strategies that your adviser will suggest will be entirely dependent on what you have told them you are wanting to achieve, there is no “one size fits all” solution to financial planning.

Your strategies and plan may include things such as:

  • Wealth Creation
  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning
  • Insurance
  • Investment

We will also discuss with you the initial advice fee, what it covers and the associated paperwork.

Time = approximately 2 weeks

From the strategy meeting once you have agreed on which strategies are best suited to yiu, we will then take this information and create a Statement of Advice (SOA). This is a formal document that is necessary for compliance purpose that contains your tailored financial advice. We will require you to review this document, and then sign it, which will then allow us to proceed to the next step, Implementing your advice.

At this stage we will also require the signed paperwork for the initial advice fee to be paid prior to implementation.

Lastly we will discuss any ongoing advice fees if required.

Time = 30 days to 4 months depending on what is being implemented

Here is where the team at TNR Wealth Management will implement the advice that was outlined in your Statement of Advice (SOA). It may consist of things such as setting up a new SMSF, new insurance policies/superannuation/investments, transferring existing accounts and consolidating superannuation accounts just to name a few.

The timeframe surrounding implementation can vary greatly and is dependent on what advice is being implemented and the complexity of that advice.

We will keep in contact with you on a weekly basis during the implementation phase to let you know the progress every step of the way.

Time = Regular Reviews

Ongoing Advice is not for everyone. Advice can be a one off or you may choose to work with us on an ongoing basis.

Once the Implementation stage has been completed we will then require any paperwork regarding ongoing advice fees be completed.

When the implementation of our advice recommendations has been completed we will continue to be in regular contact. We will have regular review meetings, which are important to ensure that your plan is working as well as it can be and keep your financial objectives focused and on track. The frequency of these meetings will be dependent on your situation and the complexity of your portfolio.

We will also monitor your portfolios regularly and ensure that they are kept in line with your strategy and risk profile.

We will meet with you annually to review your portfolio in depth and determine if any changes are required.

If your circumstances change at any time or you feel you need to make changes to your portfolio we can arrange to do that at any time.

The team at TNR Wealth Management encourage all our clients to call or email us with any questions or concerns at any time.

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