How much do you know about investing? Take our quiz to discover the basics of investing and some often misunderstood terms.

All / 19.04.2018

Investing is normally a topic that conjures up images of pin-striped executives and sophisticated financial markets.

But, in reality, the act of investing is part-and-parcel of our daily lives; all of us are doing it throughout the day, though we might not consciously stop to think about it.

By exercising and pursuing good eating habits, we invest in our health; taking good care of our families and looking out for friends is an investment in our relationships; and, commitment to education is an investment in our future.

These are but a few examples and many more can be found. The point is that – as a way of life – we consistently invest time, effort and other resources in matters that are important to us.

The largest investment for most of us is the countless hours spent on earning a living; a substantial part of our lifetime is absorbed by working to make ends meet.


Consider this basic truth: there are only two ways to earn a living – you must work for your money, or your money must work for you.

It’s important that our money works hard for us; both, on the way to financial independence, and thereafter, so that we can comfortably maintain the quality of life that we have become accustomed to.

So how does your financial savvy stack up right now? Try this quick quiz to find out.