TNR – TNR Wealth Management Participates in Local Charity Event Raising Money for “Our Kids”

All / 15.03.2018

On Saturday 3 March 2018 TNR and TNR Wealth Management Sponsored the Prowler Push Leg of the Annual Lismore Samson Challenge,  a local charity event to raise money for “Our Kids”.

You may have seen our flags up at the event and our gang of volunteers helping out on the day, we couldn’t have done it without them!

The Lismore Samson Fitness Challenge is a major fundraiser for “Our Kids” helping to raise money to purchase paediatric equipment for the Children’s Ward and Special Care Nursery at Lismore Base Hospital.

Again this year TNR and TNR Wealth Management had two teams that participated in the event that put four person teams through their paces , pushing them to their limits on each leg of the event.  As you can see from the photos, they all still managed to cross the finish line with smiles on their faces.

We would like to congratulate everyone who participated or volunteered on the day and helped raised $25,000 for Our Kids to help purchase an Ultrasound machine to monitor the health of babies in utero and during labour.

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