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How to weather a financial storm

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Establishing an investment portfolio is often associated with building a home. In most instances the  most damaging, yet unpredictable destroyer to the structure of a home is the weather. And just like your home, if you carefully build your investment portfolio based on solid foundations, you have a much better chance of withstanding a financial storm.

Quality and Value
Let’s look at the first two foundations, quality and value; this means to acquire assets that are expected to provide appropriate returns* relative to their risks. Applying this to shares, quality companies may have a good basis to their operations and growth, which means their earnings are not driven by fashion.

Quality and value may not always go hand in hand. But the key here is quality… the expectation is
that they will be around for a long time, not just a good time.

Stock market tablet
You’ve heard it before but it couldn’t be more true – “don’t put all your eggs into one basket”… meaning to diversify your portfolio. Diversity may act like the scales in a portfolio, potentially providing balance. Real diversity may provide the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, whilst balancing the portfolio with solid quality assets. By taking a long-term view**, diversity is a tool used to smooth out a portfolio’s returns

Finally, one of the most important foundations is time… because it applies to all four principles, giving you the best chance of success. Every market will suffer periodic downturns, however, over the longer term the upturns have historically prevailed. The golden rule is don’t panic and refrain from getting caught up in the fear and greed cycle which is often fuelled by the media. Often volatility may create opportunities for future wealth growth.
*Please note that past returns are not a guaranteed indicator of future returns.
**7 years or longer
Source: Modoras

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